Saturday, May 17, 2008

Travel Gifts for friends

As a travel aficinado i always travel far and wide and wherever I go i love to have gifts for my best of the friends.

That is easeir said than done. Selecing a gift for a friend is such an onerous task that it becomes a specila task and you need to take time out form your travel and vacations to buy those special gifts.

I have a norm though which I follow almost everywher I go and that is having the custom gift for the friend that signifies true friend ship in that regin or area or vene country.

For example in India the gift of true friendship is a symbold of tiying a band or a thread around the wrist of the firend . Though it is similar wat we have in US but the significance of the custom is not lost as I bring in gifts from each counyry and culkture for my best friends.

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