Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golf Gifts for Best Friends

If you have best friends then you will usually end up playing golf or other sports with them. Now golfing has its own attractions and there are several gifts that you can gift your best friend who loves golf.

One of the gifts is the customized logo golf balls. These golf balls can be procured from an online gift shop and you can a have a friendship logo emblazoned on them or you can try to have special logo of your best friend favorite team emblazoned on them .

The other favorite of golfer can be the golf kit with a special signature series of a famous player or even a special tee shirt with a special edition of a famous golfer. Those are the gifts that your best friend who is a golfer will cherish.

All Inclusive purse as gift for best friend

Now if your best friend happens to be travel enthusiast then gift him or her the best travel gift you can get. The bets friends who love to travel especially ladies would like to have a purse that is special so make sure that you gift your best friend a purse that is kind of a carry all.

That purse comes in handy when you travel and want only piece of carry on on your hand while you juggle your luggage.

This purse comes with all the utility pockets and also helps in keeping all the items such as passport or cars and the city guides all together in the purse.

So make sure to gift your friend a purse for her travel gift for the travel season.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My travel to Myrtle Beach and the golfing gift

This summer like the earlier summers I am plnjing a trip to a golfing destination and that destination may be Myrtle beach.

I have travelled to Myrtle BEach for so many years that I remember each and every small details about the golf courses there.

The fact of the matter is that playing golf overe there is not bad but for the fact that they have some of the finest golf gifts that these resort and gokf course people would give.

I have had the pleasure of attending several golf tornamnet there and the gifts they give out are very very custimized and even pesonalized to the extent that theyremeber your liking and dislikings of eacj golfer and will give the gift accordingly.

Travelling to India

While travelling on a business trip to India , i was amaaed at the speed the development was happening.

The travel I must say was enjoyable with all the development activity going on and the sctivity was suggesting signs of economic development.

While in the office one of the India collegaues mentioned that in the fast changing times the fostering of friend ships have been down. that got me thinking as to waht friend ship is and how that economic allevaiation has resute din loss of time and hence the loss of appetite for people to digest a friedship.

Friendships need to be nurtured and they are not being so because of the less accomofating nature of the work and increasing emphasis on the corporate rat race.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Travel Gifts for friends

As a travel aficinado i always travel far and wide and wherever I go i love to have gifts for my best of the friends.

That is easeir said than done. Selecing a gift for a friend is such an onerous task that it becomes a specila task and you need to take time out form your travel and vacations to buy those special gifts.

I have a norm though which I follow almost everywher I go and that is having the custom gift for the friend that signifies true friend ship in that regin or area or vene country.

For example in India the gift of true friendship is a symbold of tiying a band or a thread around the wrist of the firend . Though it is similar wat we have in US but the significance of the custom is not lost as I bring in gifts from each counyry and culkture for my best friends.